Packed Nintendo Direct Holds Surprises, Hyrule Warriors


The Wii U is set to be the recipient of an original Zelda title, although it is unlikely what fans were expecting.

Planned for next year, the tentatively titled Hyrule Warriors boosts Link’s combative repertoire thanks to Tecmo/Koei. Nintendo’s hero is dumped into a packed Hyrulian battlefield to hack and slash thousands of foes, mirroring the hyper popular Dynasty Warriors series. Who needs brains when you have a sword?

Nintendo also debuted Dr. Luigi, and expanded concept of their long standing Dr. Mario franchise. Wii U owners will access said puzzle title this month on Wii U. Gamecube underdog Chibi Robo will return on 3DS in an AR inspired adventure, downloadable in early January. Wii Sports Club has been expanded to add Golf on Wii U, the latest addition to this segmented HD update to the Wii icon. Yoshi’s New Island has claimed a spring release date, Roasalina is in the next Super Smash Bros., and Kirby Triple Deluxe will splurge on mini-games.

It was a packed Direct pre-holiday offering, available to view in full on YouTube.