Skullgirls Encore Next Up after Konami Spat


Lab Zero Games and Konami parted ways in what appeared to be rapid fashion, leaving the future of the title in doubt after it becomes delisted from digital services on December 31st. But, quick responding developers have turned the indie fighter into Skullgirls Encore, due in January. Players who already purchased the fighter will be able to download this new edition free of charge on all services.

New to Encore is the DLC character Squigly (for three months at least), plus another DLC pack full of alternate colors, also at no charge. New is Typing of the Skullgirls Encore, a sub mode where special moves can be enhanced with a bit of keyboard tapping. Match the prompt perfectly and gain damage. Miss a bit and nothing changes. Miss completely and damage drops 10%. It’s clearly a bit of side fun and an interesting free bonus.