PSN, eShop Suffer Holiday Outages


Two console manufacturers suffered sporadic outages over the holiday period, with Nintendo taking the brunt of the hit.

PSN proved intermittent as players connected their new consoles (hopefully Vitas, right?) and Nintendo’s eShop was either entirely dead or undergoing one of multiple 12 hour maintenance periods on both 3DS and Wii U. Nintendo stated the cause for their downtime was unsurpassed numbers of consoles all connecting at once, plus a surge of Japanese gamers attempting to download the PokeBank – which has now been delayed until demand dies down.

Undoubtedly, Sony’s issues were the same, particularly with a new console on store shelves. Microsoft made it through almost unscathed, save for a hiccup during Christmas Day. Apparently, their marketing message regarding 300,000 dedicated servers was true.

As of now, all services are up and running, with disaster averted in all courts. Kudos to the behind-the-scenes crews who battled through the holidays.