Saberwulf Now Free in X1 Killer Instinct


Developer Double Helix has issued its second free character in the Xbox One reboot of Killer Instinct. Replacing Jago is another easy to use character, Saberwulf. Many of his combos are fitted to all players whether they have the combo system down or not. Button mashers will be pleased. Online scrappers will appreciate fighting against someone other than Jago.

In addition, Double Helix patched a number of issues, including a save data bug. Tweaks were applied to certain specials for balancing.

Two more characters remain to fill out the roster, the robotic Fulgore and bony Spinal. Those two are due in February. No word on the who the next free character will be, although Orchid is almost certainly the next easiest to pick up post-Jago and Saberwulf.