Monkey Paw Games Issuing a Month of PS1 Titles to PSN

Beginning on January 14th, Monkey Paw Games will be issuing more classic PlayStation titles – mostly imports – to PlayStation Network. The studio is known for their import fetish on the service and offers a wide back catalog of titles, even original PlayStation versions of Mega Man.

The “Retro Rush” begins with a PS1 port of the Neo Geo fighting game, Double Dragon. Following are titles like Lucifer Ring, Hyper Crazy Climber, The Firemen 2, and the Contra-inspired platform shooter Wolf Fang. The final title? A sought after release of Tomba 2, a sharp platformer with minimal Western exposure.

Each title will run $5.99, with an exception made for Tomba 2. Expect to trot out $10 for the platformer, still a stiff drop from the $100+ for complete physical copies.