Happy Wars XBLA Not Truly Free-to-Play


Happy Wars was Xbox Live’s first foray into the mix of free-to-play gaming. The download was (sort of) free and unlockable items required a grind or up front real money transactions.

The kicker was as with certain Xbox 360 apps, Xbox Live Gold was required. Logic says Microsoft was putting out a multiplayer title, so premium services were necessitated. However, as of today with the title’s 11th update, Happy Wars can be downloaded by Silver players – if not played by all of them. Multiplayer and missions remain locked, as does the treasure chest. There is enough content to goof around if you won’t pony up for Gold, although the experience remains limited.

Also embedded with this latest revision is a new game mode, Bounty Hunters, which places a price on specific map objects primed for destruction.

A few bug fixes and polishing round out the mixture.