Week in Arcade: Rekoil


It’s multiplayer shooting time with a price tag of $15 for this week’s entertainment.


Welcome to the rarefied world of online first-person shooters! Actually, it turns out that is not so rare, and Rekoil is struggling to establish footing. For $15, Rekoil is bountiful with game modes, custom loadouts, guns, designs, and other intangibles. Then you take it onto a map and shoot people. Nothing within these Arcade confines screams necessity, and visuals steer toward real world elements as to prove wholly unremarkable. There are shadow glitches which cause opponent locations to show through floors, ruining surprise. You can spend money elsewhere to gain access to guaranteed full lobbies and deeper multiplayer. Rekoil is commendable if there is a desperate need to play something different. Otherwise, stick to what you know.