A World of Keflings Arriving on Wii U


NinjaBee’s quirky world building title, A World of Keflings, is finally set to see light on Wii U. After being teased for 2013, NinjaBee’s efforts will see the light within the next two months. The title will utilize Wii U’s Mii characters, meaning you can play as yourself or any of the other wacky creations you have added

In announcing this port, NinjaBee also took time to include teasers for their upcoming projects, including a screenshot of Nutjitsu, meant for an unspecified platform. Concept art was shown for other titles, including something related to vikings, an action title with a possible name of Alpha 9, and a devilish shooter – if all this concept art turns out to represent final products.

The full rundown is over at NinjaBee’s home site.