Grand Theft Auto V Dumps 32.5 Million Copies to Retail


Grand Theft Auto V has shipped (not sold) 35 million copies to retail, long before it becomes part of the Greatest Hits/Platinum Hits line, nor has a PC version been released. In one week post-launch, GTA V racked up $1 billion in sales, doubling the number set by its predecessor. Publisher Take Two noted the NBA 2K series, which has been in studio hands since a 2005 acquisition from Sega, has sold 35 million copies total. Ever. For further context, Grand Theft Auto IV sold 25 million copies lifetime.

When asked about the possible PC version of GTA V,¬†Karl Slatoff, the president of Take-Two Interactive stated, “At this point there’s really nothing for us to say about that.” If the console version remains a sales juggernaut, why push it?