Dice Issues Lengthy Battlefield 4 Update


Five months out from its launch,  Battlefield 4 continues to be a nightmare for some players. Online connection issues and a torrent of glitches bog down the multiplayer space. In their latest update, Dice lists a dozen items they have either fixed or are currently working toward addressing via updates across all platforms.

Ironing out of packet losses mark the beginning of these touch ups, which in some cases have proven insurmountable. The dip in quality is nothing short of disappointing for a franchise EA is attempting to leverage as their key weapon against Activision’s Call of Duty. Despite the previous experience, EA continues to have trouble as they recently published Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare choked during recent review sessions, rendering the entire game unplayable.

Those worried about Titanfall’s release should feel somewhat safer: Servers are handled by Microsoft instead of EA. While that won’t cut down on bugs, it should keep the title playable even if launch day/week woes find a new home.