Wii U Deluxe Refurbished Systems: $200 from Nintendo


Through Nintendo’s own online storefront, the usually $300 Wii U Deluxe consoles are discounted to $200, for a limited time. These factory refurbished units include the Nintendo Land pack-in, along with other standard accessories. Nintendo’s usual asking price for refurbished Wii U Deluxe units? $250.

Deluxe systems come in a glossy black and include the physical game plus 32GB of on board memory. By comparison, standard Wii U’s offer a paltry 8GB – around 3.5GB after system data – and no games for $250 (for new retail units).

This deal is temporary with no specific time or expiration. This is the lowest price to date for Wii U Deluxe units anywhere, with GameStop asking $230 for their own refubished consoles. Deal conscious buyers still waiting to experience Mario 3D Land or upcoming titles like Mario Kart 8 or Smash Bros. should snag one now.