Gauntlet? It’s Coming Back on PC

Warner Bros. snatched a number of Midway properties when the former arcade developers went under, one of them being Gauntlet. Unwilling to let names waste away, Warner is plotting a re-do of this iconic dungeon crawl.

Named simply, well, Gauntlet, this four-class action RPG bolsters the title with new attacks and leveling. An early trailer also spills blood by the gallons while working into a frenzy as enemy counts rise. As of now, the title appears to be exclusive to PCs although the press release makes mention, “multiple digital networks.”

This is not the first visitation to Gauntlet after its arcade original. After an arcade sequel and third home edition, the series entered retirement until 1998’s Gauntlet Legends and its sequel, Dark Legacy. In 2005, Seven Sorrows took a serious turn on PlayStation 2 and Xbox before the series was put down for nearly a decade.

The new Gauntlet is due this summer.