OutRun Jumping Out in 3D on 3DS


Sega’s latest in a line of remastered arcade and Genesis titles for 3DS appears to be OutRun. Sega’s Japanese 3D Classics site showcased the (currently) grayed out logo in a listing for Fantasy Zone’s sterescopic update. While Sega’s other offerings have made it Stateside on digital marketplaces, Fantasy Zone and OutRun (when it releases) still remain locked to US audiences.

Sega’s current line-up has pushed the likes of Streets of Rage, Shinobi III, and Space Harrier onto the eShop. Each has carried a distinctively pleasant sense of depth without any alteration to the game’s core. Yes, even something like Streets of Rage benefits, pushing foreground objects tight into the frame’s front.

Although it’s unknown whether OutRun will be the arcade or Genesis version, either should be prime 3D material considering the behind-the-car viewpoint.