War Thunder Dropped from Xbox One, Cross-Play Cited


War Thunder, a free-to-play flight title from developer Gajin Entertainment, will be skipping its planned launch on Xbox One. A PlayStation 4 version will continue, complete with cross-play with PC users.

Gajin cites Microsoft’s refusal to allow War Thunder cross-play, “completely,” as their reason for breaking off from Microsoft’s platform. Unspecified certification issues with regards to server usage providing a good experience is the breaking point.

Microsoft’s response to GameSpot on these accusations states, “For developers interested in enabling cross-platform game play between Xbox One and PC, we work with them closely to meet their development needs and ensure a great user experience.”

Apparently, that has not happened in the case of War Thunder, which has turned into a he said, she said situation. Either way, Sony has gained a console exclusive complete with mouse/keyboard support for this wishing to remain equally competitive.