What is Multiplayergames.com?

MPG is created by gamers for the purpose of informing and connecting the game enthusiast. Organizing the evolving landscape of online game space is our priority. This is a universe poised on the brink of a Big Bang. You think online games are awesome now? They are, but we’ve just gotten started. Online gaming is only going to explode exponentially from here on out. The future is multiplayer. Welcome to the 21st century. Welcome to Multiplayergames.

MPG is your source for a fresh perspective on the world of online, multiplayer gaming. Gamers are connecting in new ways every day. Next generation consoles enable Internet and multiplayer gaming straight out of the box, and PC games are reaching a new level of performance capabilities with the progression of multi-core CPUs and increasingly ubiquitous broadband and wireless access. Right now is a great time to be a gamer. MPG pledges to provide only the highest quality news, reviews, opinion blogs, and special coverage of cutting-edge game tech.

MPG’s analog headquarters is located in the heart of NYC. Our access to unparalleled resources gives us an immense advantage in the digital community of the gaming populace.

Whether you’re into console gaming, PC games, massive multiplayer experiences, handheld mobile gaming, even online casinos, this is your stop. You don’t hold back, and neither shall MPG. This is our pledge to you, the gamer.

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MPG exists to deliver and organize the mass of information contained in the constantly evolving topography of the online gaming universe.


Our vision at MPG is to provide coverage of the entire multiplayer gaming community through dedication to the gaming culture. The task is immense; delivery of superior and relevant content in the gaming universe is increasingly challenging and time-consuming due to the sheer amount of information generated. Steadfast commitment to the core values of agility, aggregation, quality, and diversity will balance the speed and the scope necessary to bring MPG to the forefront of the online gaming landscape.